Nature boost creativity

Business Basecamp™ is a unique mobile conference facility that, powered by nature, could help you take your business one step further.

Business Basecamp - on the trail to real value

Business Basecamp

Our venues are fully equipped for creative work and adventure anywhere in nature and the world exclusively for large or small groups.

Our spectacular conference tents has up to 50 square meters floor area, 4 meter high ceilings and are fully equipped for creative work. This kind of tents are normally used as expedition hospital or communications tents on expeditions at high altitude in the Himalayas. Our tents for overnight stay are oversized and fully equipped with beds, warm sleeping bags, sheets and pillows.

We also offers wilderness cabins or mountain huts for conferences in front of a crackling fireplace with fantastic views of the nature sceneries.

Management support

If you need help to facilitate the discussions we offer experienced Management Consultants that could support you in tasks such as analyzing the conditions, facilitating the discussions and documenting the results. We also offer interesting speakers and managment trainers.

All our consultants use structured, well-tested and proven effective methods in close cooperation with their clients.

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The sience behind

When we spend time in nature our brain rests from consuming impressions and we relax. The effect is so substantial that it provides medically measurable reductions in heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. To leave your comfort zone and experience adventures in nature, will make your senses sharp and you will become more sensitive and open to the environment and yourself. You will see better, smell and hear more.

A body and mind in balance, combined with an open mind offers opportunities to think outside the box which is optimal conditions for development of your business.

It is possible to combine work with other activities such as skiing, kayaking, climbing or hiking led by trained adventure guides.

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Every conference in Business Basecamp is unique and after analyzing the conditions we offer the best possible arrangement for you.

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Our company, Tangaroa AB, was founded in 2007 and are specialists in helping leaders of companies, organisations and projects to achieve the desired results in an effective and sustainable manner. We have, so far, helped owners and leaders in more than 70 companies and other organisations achieve their desired results.

We have extensive experience of outdoor activities. We have carried out a large number of adventures in the wilderness on five continents. Business Basecamp is developed as a mix of our passions.

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