Unlike traditional conference centers, we need as guests adapt to nature rather than the reverse. Since we will find ourselves outdoors for a long time, it is necessary to bring a lot warmer clothes than you normally would do. It is easier to take off a garment than to put on something you didn't brought with you.

Therefore, see the following list as mandatory.

  • Sturdy clothes
  • Sturdy shoes, boots or warm sneakers
  • Warm sweater and/or lined (winter) jacket
  • Raingear
  • Warm hat that cover your ears
  • Gloves or mittens

At overnight stays, we provide large and small towels, sleeping bag and sleeping bag sheet, pillow, fleece blanket, soap and shampoo.

At overnight stays the requirement for your clothing and other equipment increases with:

  • Wool or synthetic sweater and long johns to sleep in
  • Warm hat that cover your ears to sleep in
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Flashlight
  • Toilet facilities
  • Optional swimwear
  • Optional medications

If you bring your electronics such as a laptop or a phone you may want to pack them waterproof. Generally, it can be a good thing to pack your clothing in waterproof bags. Preferably pack your clothes and other equipment in a backpack.

Download and print this list here.

More about clothing

If you plan to stay outside for a full day or longer, you need to help your body regulate its temperature by doing some extra thinking on how to dress.

Avoid cotton clothing. Cotton absorbs moisture from without and within. Clothes made of synthetic, cotton- and synthetic-blend or (thin) wool is preferred.

The old layering principle works well all year round. If you dress in several thin layers of synthetic or wool moisture is transported more easily between the layers and therefore both heats and cools your body in a better way. It is also easier to regulate body temperature by putting on or taking off one layer at a time.

The top of your head acts as your body's chimney, so to have something to put on your head is crucial for heat retention if you are frozen, especially at night and when you are sleeping.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of outdoor activities all over the world in all kinds of climate and weather and are more than happy to answer questions about outdoor clothing or other equipment.

You will find our contact details here.

No question is dumb or too small. It's all about your comfort.